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Artificial Intelligence School

Our AI School is designed to help AI enthusiasts kick start their journey to learning artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as helping professionals advance in the data space.

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Courses available in the [AI] Artificial Intelligence School

Our AI School offers a wide variety of programs and courses led by leading industry experts.


AI Incubator

This is an introductory program designed for absolute beginners. It is an immersion program designed to kick-start the journey of becoming an AI specialist.

Program Length: 8 weeks

Project: Build an Object Detection System.


AI Accelerator

This is a fast-track program designed to help AI enthusiasts come up to speed with more advanced concepts in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Program Length: 10 weeks

Project: Build a Customer Sentiment Analysis System using Social Media Data.


Advanced AI Specialist Program

This program is designed to help AI specialists master concepts in machine learning and deep learning and prepare them for a career in artificial intelligence.

Program Length: 12 weeks

Project: Build a Credit Risk Prediction System for Loan Applicants.



I enjoyed the program a lot. I particularly liked the hands-on style of the lectures. Rather than discussing all the technicalities and theory of artificial intelligence in detail, this course focuses on job-relevant knowledge and skills.

Chuka Moses
AI Fellow

Initially I thought it would be difficult for me, but the facilitator made it easy to comprehend.

Jide Ibrahim
AI Fellow

This was a great program. It was presented well and the instructors covered essential topics in my opinion. I highly recommend it to all those who want to pursue a carrier in AI and still do not feel confident enough in that area.

Ebuka Okwaraji
AI Fellow