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Data School

Our Data School is designed to help data enthusiasts kickstart their journey to learning analytics and data strategy, as well as helping professionals advance in the data space.

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Courses available in the Data School

Our Data School offers a wide variety of programs and courses led by leading industry experts.


Data Incubator

This is an introductory program designed for absolute beginners. It is an immersion program designed to kick-start the journey of becoming a Data Analyst.

Program Length: 4 weeks

Project: Build a Budget Management System with Excel


Data Accelerator

This is a fast-track program designed to help data enthusiasts come up to speed with more advanced concepts in data management and analytics.

Program Length: 6 weeks

Project: Build a Human Resources Analytics System with Power-BI.


Advanced Data Science Program

This program is designed to help data enthusiasts master skills in Data Science and prepare them for a career in Data Science.

Program Length: 8 weeks

Project: Build an Email Marketing Tool using SQL and Python.



I want to show a big appreciation to [AI] Academy and the entire team who worked tirelessly in making sure we gain more training as newbies in the Data Analysis world. Thanks for putting us on the right track to begin as an Intending Data Analyst.

Rasheed Adesanya
Data Fellow

These past two months have been intense with live classes, assignments, and mini-projects using Microsoft Excel and Power BI. Thanks to our facilitators for their relentless efforts to ensure we get the most out of the program.

Salaudeen Abdulrahman
Data Fellow

A big thank you to the coordinator and the entire team who worked tirelessly to ensure we were always online every weekend. I learnt a lot and was able to sharpen my skills in Excel and Power BI through this program.

Okondu Precious
Data Fellow